Entrepreneurship - Meaning of Life by Sukhpreet Kaur

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. We encounter several problems in our day-to-day life and can find out our unique solutions. Be it adding small balls of dough to reduce the extra salt in dal or making curd, buttermilk, clarified butter or cottage cheese from simple milk. 

We Indians thrive in the skill of enterprise, and that's what I liked about the chapter we read. 

I did have some idea about the concept, but how this technique is amalgamated into the Indian mindset makes me wonder. 

As a teacher, my fellow friends and I keep discussing our problems and finding new ways to solve them. 

For instance, for every solution our students can find a problem (on a lighter note), they are imaginative, curious and full of ideas - and the teachers have an immense responsibility to provide a satisfactory solution. 

In my classroom, I use this power of enterprise by identifying every child's need, developing strategies suitable for my children, and showcasing my techniques in a way that my children can harness maximum. 

This is how I use my power of enterprise in my classrooms. 

My understanding of the Pahale India scenario is that people are oriented to focus on the bigger goals in life. 

In a Kho- Kho or Volleyball match, if each player focuses only on getting the maximum chances of winning everyone's attention, the chances are high that the team will not work coherently and they will lose. However, if each player works together and harnesses each other's potential, they can put their best foot forward. 

We come across many such scenarios in our classrooms and daily lives. 

Reading the chapter was a pleasure, and we got an entirely new perspective. 

Ms Sukhpreet Kaur 
Science Faculty 
Gyanshree School, Noida

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