Courage and Patience Part 1 - KNPS Phagwara

Composed by: Pooja Bawa <>

Assignment: Courage and Patience

Write/develop 2 Reflection pieces:

Think of two (2) situations where you as an educator were faced with (preferably real)/might face the challenge of dealing with:

1. A Fearful Student
2. An Impatient Student

How did/will you deal with the student?
A) If it was a real-life situation, were you successful in helping him/her overcome their problem?
B) What is your advice to educators who want to inculcate these values in their students?

Reflection Piece 1: Dealing with a Fearful Student

During my time as an educator, I encountered a fearful student who was struggling to participate in class discussions and activities. The student appeared visibly anxious and hesitant to engage with peers and express his thoughts.

Recognising the importance of creating a safe and supportive learning environment, I prioritised addressing the student's fears and helping him overcome his challenges.

First and foremost, I approached him with empathy and understanding. I had one-on-one conversations with him to understand his fears and concerns.

His confidence and active participation in class significantly improved. He began to offer insightful contributions during discussions and even volunteered to lead small group activities.

Advice to Educators:
To help fearful students overcome their challenges, educators should consider the following:
1. Foster a safe and supportive environment
2. Establish a personal connection
3. Gradual exposure and positive reinforcement
4. Encourage risk-taking and learning from mistakes

Reflection Piece 2: Dealing with an Impatient Student

As an educator, I encountered an impatient student who consistently exhibited signs of impatience during class, often interrupting others and becoming frustrated when tasks required more time or effort than she anticipated.

I began by having a private conversation with her to address her impatience. I wanted to understand
the underlying reasons behind her impatience and identify any specific triggers. To address these challenges, I implemented several strategies.

Courage propels us, like a wild hurricane. It fuels our dreams, empowers us to soar, To conquer mountains, and unlock every door.

With courage as our ally, we face the unknown, Embracing challenges, seeds of greatness sown. For in every heart, there lies a flame untamed, Waiting for courage to ignite, unashamed.

Post by Chahat Sharma <>

Courage and patience are two sides of a coin,
Together they make a person who can join,
The fight for what is right and true,
And wait for the right time to pursue it.

So, be brave and patient, my friend,
And never let your spirit bend.
For courage and patience will see you through,
And lead you to a life that's bright and new.

Poem by Vandana Sharma <>

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