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 Kajal Sharma

Courage and Patience: Powerful Tools

  1. Courage and patience are two essential traits, Which grow within oneself to make the base.

  2. Courage requires making everything settle,
    Patience can give us positivity by giving us a great battle.

  3. Courage and patience give us a way towards success, As it reduces the work’s stress.

  4. These traits are like magic, Making our life cool and dynamic.

  5. Let’s apply courage and patience in the circle of life, To go with the flow and reduce crime.

    - Poonam Rani

Raman Sood

In the depths of trials, where darkness looms, Courage ignites, dispelling gloom. A flickering flame, bold and bright, Guiding souls through the darkest night.

Patience, a virtue, a steadfast grace, A gentle current in life's tumultuous race. With steady resolve, it softly whispers, Navigating obstacles like skilled river blisters.

Courage rises, a warrior's might, Facing fears, ready to fight. With bravery as its trusted shield, It conquers doubt, refusing to yield.

Patience, a companion, serene and wise, In stillness, it learns as time flies. It endures through trials and tribulations, Embracing delays, steadfast and sure.

Courage and patience are inseparable, Hand in hand, a testament, rare. Together they embolden the human soul, Leading us forward and making us whole.

So let us embrace these divine virtues. In courage and patience, our spirits align. In the face of adversity's wrath, We shall find strength on life's arduous path.

- Reena Sisodia

In the face of fear, courage stands tall, With a heart so strong, it never will fall. 

It whispers, "Keep going, don't lose your way, For every storm, there's a brighter day."

Courage is not about being without fear, But facing it bravely, with strength sincere. 

It's taking a leap when doubts arise, Trusting your instincts, and reaching for the skies.

Patience, a virtue, oh so profound, Like a sturdy oak tree, deeply rooted in the ground. 

It teaches us to wait, to endure and believe, That every setback, we can still achieve.

Patience is calmness, a tranquil stream, In the face of chaos, it keeps our dreams. 

It whispers, "Be steady, don't rush ahead, For great things come to those who tread."

Together, courage and patience intertwine, Guiding us forward, their light will shine. 

With courage, we face challenges unknown, With patience, we wait, and our seeds are sown.

So let us embrace these virtues each day, As we navigate life's winding way. 

We'll conquer mountains with courage and patience as our guide, our spirits will glide.

Seema Rani

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