Making Mathematics Joyful - Prerna Rathod

I attended CBSE Workshop on 15th July.  The topic was “Joyful Mathematics – Creating a Culture of
Mathematics.” The host center of excellence was Dehradun and the resource person was Mr. Shiv Narayan Hari Sharma.

He started with what was the general thinking of people and students about Mathematics.  It is thought of as a boring and difficult subject. But actually Mathematics is the basic of all subjects.  To make Mathematics interesting and joyful we need to keep the following things in our mind:

1. Connect all topics we teach to our daily lives. 
2. Make our lesson plan keeping in mind the learning outcomes for the students. 
3. Use different types of aids while teaching. 
4. Keep every child in our mind and while teaching keep eye contact with all the students. This will make all students to be attentive in the classroom. 
5. Activity based projects can be given as exercises to make students understand topics. 
6. By making our own tricks to learn formulas. 

Different types of examples were given as how Mathematics is connected to our daily life like in our home we need knowledge of area and volume for decoration,  white washing, making furniture, etc. Measurements and ratios are used while preparing food items. Varieties of geometrical shapes are seen in utensils. In sports, knowledge of probability, data handling, mensuration are required. When we go shopping or do investment then percentage and interest knowledge is required. In today’s world all are using mobile phones where knowledge of numbers is essential. 

Many students have difficulty in learning formulas of Mathematics.  A teacher has to find tricks, which students can remember easily. Like in integers same sign numbers we add and different sign numbers we subtract.  This can be written as S.S.A (same sign add) and D.S.S. (different sign subtract). In this way we can create our own trick to learn formulas. 

If we follow all these things then definitely Mathematics will be joyful for all students.  No one will be afraid of Mathematics. 

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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