Veena Solanki - My Good School

Veena's daughter studies at The Fabindia School, the nursery where My Good School took form. A school helps prepare us for life. Not only can we learn the basic skills to read, write, and do arithmetic but we can learn about peoples, places, and nature. My Good School empowers students by creating an environment for the personal and social development of an individual. Experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study, this brings to life learning that would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated. The idea of the children doing their own self-reflection, their being able to choose and work on what they love doing makes all the difference. My Good School helps build relationships and strengthens school culture, to further improve the learning outcomes and prepare children for life. Longingness for nature, helping attitude to her peers, excitement to look at the world with a new lens every day and head to school with a sense of belonging, all this has brought learning to real life.

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