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A school is a place where the School Community is a build-up of diverse culture and so it is very
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essential to promote unity in the school environment. We all are familiar with the age-old proverb ‘Unity is Strength’.  First and foremost to promote a happy environment in the school we should believe in our students and listen to them. All the students are capable of learning and we as teachers should help to engage with one another, interact so that they care for each other and learn to respect other’s opinion and views.

We as Educators need to be mindful about our actions and our words for students always look upon us as role models. We need to choose the text that shows diverse characters real and fictional with a variety of experiences which will create a healthy environment.

In-School students are given opportunities where they foster positive social interactions inside the classroom and playground. Empathy is created when they work together. Educators should also not only address the academic concern of the students but they also need to enhance the overall personality of their students. If you are a good listener and observer than your students will also learn to be good listeners and will care for others. 

Students in the classroom create groups to complete the assigned target/ project given to them. Caring is a quality when you show concern or anxiety for someone. If you care for someone you tend to show empathy, compassion, kindness etc. Caring helps you to nurture and grow. There are many instances we come across when the children show care for each other and help them to complete their work. They show care for their environment by watering the plants and by not destroying the environment.

During this pandemic period, there are many who are showing their care and unitedly are helping those people who are in need by giving them aid in terms of finance or any other.

I would like to end by quoting the words of Jalaluddin Rumi:
 “Like a sculptor, if necessary,
Carve a friend out of stone.
Realize that your inner sight is blind
And try to see a treasure in everyone.”

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School

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