Freedom and Peace - Nikita Rajpurohit

Freedom is when we have a free mind and we are not the slave of any other decisions. It helps us to
act without any fear or constraint. It means the liberty of opinion, expression or the power to act, speak and think freely. Every individual has the right to express freely their opinion on all the questions which are concerned with his or her life.

Peace is a value which helps us to stay calm and silent in an adverse situation without getting panic. True inner peace is independent of external conditions and circumstances. It confers tranquillity, inner harmony and balance. Peace is a very necessary part of humankind because it gives us the capability of good decision making and keeps us relaxed even when the situations don't turn up well. A state of inner peace eliminates anxieties, fears and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction and unhappiness. 

Peace and freedom can be said to be interconnected with each other. Let's take it this way, if a person has a freedom of expressing himself, he would be in a peaceful state of mind because there's nothing hammering him inside. He can let everything out. So it is very important to give freedom to our students to express their opinions or views to have a peaceful mind, which would help them to explore their talents without any pressure and make good decisions. 

Nikita Rajpurohit
The Fabindia School

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