Thoughtfulness and Understanding - Prerna Rathod

Thoughtfulness is the ability to think about something carefully so that it is effective.
Whereas understanding is the quality of being sympathetic. This means that being understanding is the quality to be able to step into someone's shoes before judging them. We do so because we have been thoughtful and thought from the person’s point of view. A person should take all the decisions in life is thoughtful and understanding.

 A very relevant quote just crossed my mind: 
"Just because you are right, doesn't mean the other person is wrong, you just haven't seen life from his point of view." So, stop judging and start supporting. 

 A thoughtful person is very considerate and compassionate towards others. He also shows respect, care and love for the other person. On the other hand, an understanding person is very tolerant, helpful and cooperative. He will take any decision in a perceptive way and find all solutions before making a decision. In my class, one new student Gita couldn’t cope with the syllabus as she had language problems. Due to this, she started making excuses for not coming to school. I called her mother to find the reason. I was told that other students made fun of her. So I decided to talk to my class. Next day we had a normal discussion and brought the matter in front of the class. I asked them to think if they were in place of Gita, then how would they feel. All students realized their mistake and said sorry to Gita. Thus, Gita started taking an interest in her studies and scored good marks. She was happy.

Life is too short to judge others. Make this earth a better place to live for everyone. Then you'll find it to be a better place for yourself too.

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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