Defender of our borders: A salute to Indian soldiers - Punita Chouhan

In the honour of our Indian soldier today I want to share a poem. 

Words can never describe.
What a soldier and his sacrifice.
They put on hold their dreams and lives.
They die so that we can survive.
They are the most disciplined persons.
On them, depend.
The security and stability of our nation s,
They are the true son of our country,
Who fight to protect is from all the enemies
They are the real heroes of the nation, serving the motherland is their only passion.
Whether it's the blood-freezing cold 
Or the scorching sun's rays,
They are protecting us without holidays. 
They are the pride of our nation,
Their life is a source of inspiration.
Away from the mother, kids and wife 
They are fulfilling their duty for the sake of our life.
We are grateful to the mothers
Who gives birth to these soldiers,
We are obliged to the wives and kids.
Who sacrifice their rights for national deeds

Punita Chouhan
The Fabindia School

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