Quality and Love - Prerna Rathod

Quality means the degree of excellence in the work undertaken. It also includes the way we
do our work with sincerity, hard work and diligently. Our personality also affects the quality of our work. Qualities like punctuality, discipline, confidence, trust, faith, love and simplicity affects the quality of our work.

Love is an essential part of our life. It is similar to salt in our food. 
“Food without salt is tasteless; similarly life without love is meaningless.”
What salt does to our food, is what love does to our lives.

Love is an emotion that is the reason why we care for the other person. It is the foundation of a positive relationship between two people. A teacher will always love her students and will always wish for their success and betterment. Love is born when you respect, care, support and defend the other person. 

An Educator is the best example to depict both quality and love. To see that her students understand whatever she teaches, an educator has to make her classes interactive, integrate her lessons with real life examples, the child is the centre of attention, praises and motivates the students whenever required and the teacher understands the child’s mood as well. Above all the educator must be satisfied with her own work. 

Love binds the educator and the child in such a way that its imprints are seen even after school life of the child. 

Love is the thread that binds us together like a flower in a garland.

Prerna Rathod    
The Fabindia School


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