Unity and Caring - Ajay Vijayvargi

` A family that dines together stays together. ` - how wonderfully the unity of a family is
defined, in today's scenario when each one of us we work round the clock, mostly online for hours together. Even when we are at home or at a party we all are busy fiddling our fingers on our mobiles. When we with our family to dine or watch televisions in our living room we are isolated even when we are together in a room. 

We are not united, but if we care for each other we will be together in all thick and thins – we will be united which in turn will protect us from all odds, we share our thoughts, feelings and care for each other. This feeling of being united will help the family in surviving ups and downs of life with courage and power. This feeling of being united at the workplace will help us in collaboration and teamwork yielding better results.

This feeling will only develop when we start caring for each other, compassionate, helping each other in times of need. It increases our self-esteem, self-worth and develops better social connections. If we care for someone, a small gift or holding hands, keeping a hand on his shoulder shows our togetherness with him in tough times, this will reduce his stress and will develop a strong bond of love giving a feeling of being united.  

These types of gestures in a classroom by a teacher to his students will develop a strong bond of unity and show that we care for each other.

Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School.

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