Unity and Caring - Prerna Rathod

Unity is the situation in which people are in agreement and working together, while caring means
showing that you care about other people. Unity and Care go hand in hand. A person who truly cares for you will be united with you without any conditions. But it is not necessary that a person who is united to you truly cares for you. I would like to mention some beautiful lines here related to being united: "When "I" is replaced by "We", even illness becomes wellness."

This basically means that if we are united, then we can tackle and fight problems more easily. Let me now mention a quote related to care: "Everyone wants to find a caring person,
but no one wants to be one."

This tells us that, in the world of fake people, it is very difficult to find a real one. So when you find someone just keep them forever. Because if we don't keep them then later we will realize that we have lost a diamond while searching for stones.

I remember an incident in my class. We had to present a skit. I mentioned this to my class and asked them their plan. The first suggestion was boys one group and girls one group. I told them to go ahead with their plan if they wish to do so. After some discussion, students came to me and told me that they have problems regarding who will play boys part in a girl’s group and girls part in the boy’s group. So I asked them to find a solution. 

At last, they came with the suggestion that they will create a single play where everyone will participate. They even apologized for making groups on the basis of gender.  After that students selected the play, gave parts to everyone and practised. The play was liked by the whole school. Thus, unity makes it easy to tackle problems. This incident made them care for each other and stood for each other to help in times of need. 

I would like to conclude by saying that,
"Be sure to embrace whatever stage or season of life you are in.
Remember: God wastes nothing."

Prerna Rathod
Educator: The Fabindia School

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