Focus and Diffuse Thinking - Richa Solanki

When we are in difficulty and solving a problem, there are two ways we can solve it: using focused
thought or using diffuse thought. Focused thinking is just straightforward. It concentrates on the main matter. If we adopt Focused thinking it is a highly attentive state of mind where the brain uses its best concentration abilities to ignore all outside information. As you all know when we are in our focused mode of thinking, it’s like we have a sure solution for the matter at hand. Whether we are practising or doing any work or skill, focused thinking allows us to zoom directly in on the most important information.

Another way of thinking in a  diffuse way, it looks at a big way of sight. Unlike focused thinking, diffuse thinking is all of our mind distractions. Diffuse thinking happens when you let your mind freely and think peacefully. The diffuse mode of thinking does not happen in any one area of the brain, but rather all over. Diffuse thinking gives you an opportunity to connect with any situation because it's happened randomly. Between focused and diffuse thinking is the best way to solve a difficult problem. First, we use the focused mode of thinking to understand the basics of a topic without any distractions. Then we use the diffuse mode to learn and make connections to other things we already know. 

Once you have repeated this process a few times, the information will get you.

Richa Solanki 
The Fabindia School

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