Humility and Appreciation - Richa Solanki

Humility has its own importance in the person defined by his or her personality.  A person must not be overconfident about his or her abilities. Humility doesn't come naturally in any human beings. Children develop this from  seeing the outer world and by judging  the feelings of their own importance. People who are  true from inside, they just love the world as well as  they naturally become self-loving and this naturally helps them take such values in themselves and they must be educated for humility.

Humility is a bond which is created between each other in our society. It doesn't only mean to show empathy for others at the  times of need but also to show love and  kindness in all the phases of life. Humility is not just a small thing for showing the human feeling of sympathy and civilization but it is beyond the other part of human nature and his creations. It is all about listening to your heart along with the minds in all the work of humanity.

Humanity is to learn the ways of building relations and creating civilizations to convert this world with livelihood, full of love,  harmony and every human has a part in doing this great task of making a world with harmony and peace and become a better person and makes this world a  noble place .  And from this,  we will feel proud of ourselves and pass this message on to the future generations.Humility plays a great role in our lives  and from this we are  known by everyone even after we leave the world.

Life is an experience and we learn from the past and learn to grow in future. Appreciation means kind of motivation, so appreciate people and things for what they are and what they do. It is a thing which impacts your  happiness and motivates you to do the task which you hesitate to do. However, it touches the feelings of our hearts. Appreciation is the joy of seeing the good in something or someone. Appreciation is something powerful magic. Appreciation helps people to know their knowledge about the good things in their lives and connects them to something larger than themselves and apart from them.

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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