Simplicity and Trust - Jitendra Suthar

The term 'Simple' means something without any complications, something which is very clear, and something which is sorted out.  A person who is very clear with his thoughts, who always stands by the truth and who is always ready to help others can be said as the simplest person. Anyone who is a simple person in life will make some or the other path to come out of tough conditions. 

When we have faith in someone then no matter what the situation is he will always stand by. He will never let anything go out which is to be kept secret is Trust. We all have someone or something in our life that we trust the most. We like to share everything either it is a person or a non-living thing. Now non-living things means, Consider a blind person who is the most challenged person, has a great trust on his stick with the faith that this stick will never let him fall down and will show the correct path to walk.

Trust is the most important value in a human’s life. A baby has a feeling that whichever side he turns on the bed, mother will not let him fall down. Staring from a baby till an old man who trusts his stick that will help him walk properly. Everything relies on trust.  

When a person is simple, he automatically gains the trust of others. Let us remember, Father of our nation “Mahatma Gandhi” – He himself is the definition of simplicity. He played a very vital role in India’s Independence and with very clear thoughts of non-violence. He never ever changed his aim according to situations.  Due to his attribute of being simple everyone trusted him, joined hands with him, walked with him, fought with him and came out with glorifying colors at the end.

Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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