Unity and Caring - Byju Joseph

Our life is full of adversities. So survival becomes more complex. There are many circumstances in
our life where we need to stand together to achieve certain things. Sometimes we may think that we are capable of handling the situations ourselves but that may be much easier to accomplish in collaboration with others. Thus comes the feeling of togetherness which is unity. It means to be joined with each other having the feeling of oneness.

Unity is very important in a family, in a society, in a workplace or in a country. Each human being is entirely different from each other in belief and opinion. This makes it more difficult to be united. But there is a chance to be united if different people have common aims. Friendship is a factor which helps different people to remain united. We all need to have the acceptance of our differences and more understanding and love for others.

In our country, we have different languages, different religions, different cultures and different traditions. Even though we are Indians and that spirit is our strength. If we are united no one can defeat us. We should work together for the betterment of our citizens and our country. This unity must be properly utilized for the development of the country in all areas. 

We know that Britishers came here for trading only. But gradually they came to know about the lack of unity among the kings who were ruling here. They utilized that occasion tactfully and they started to engage in politics. Finally, they succeeded in achieving their goal. They carelessly utilized our resources. Later on, the dedicated action of our leaders helped to keep the Indians united and that unity only helped us to send Britishers back to their country. Dedication and caring nature of our leaders as Indians helped to build unity among people and thus their attempts lead to success.

Caring is a feeling of concern, an act of protection and an expression of love. In fact, it is an emotion that we carry in our mind and heart. We care about others, anything that really matters to us or something we value. It can be a good or a bad thing depending upon the circumstances. For instance, caring about a person to help them out is a wonderful thing that gives us satisfaction. Caring connects different people to each other. As a parent, we do care for our children. As a teacher, we take care of our students. We take care of others as brothers, sisters, friends, doctors, nurses etc. it is entirely divine that always provides positive energy.

Being educators we are familiar with the unity among students. The unity among students is very strong because it is formed from deep affection and friendship. Parents, teachers and students should always be united and do caring for each other to create a better learning atmosphere. All educational institutions aim for maximum possible learning outcomes which come in reality by hard work, dedication, unity and caring. All educators have the responsibility to make understand the importance of unity and caring among their students and promote them.

Byju P. Joseph
The Fabindia school

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