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Quality means a degree of excellence. Quality, when discussed in terms of attributes, is a distinct
attribute / characteristic possessed by an individual. Also means the goodness of the heart of a person. Quality, when talked about in terms of life, is level of enjoyment, comfort and health in some one’s life. Quality can be abstract, aesthetics or it can be artistic. In Physics we discuss quality as the standard of something as measured against something of a similar kind.

A lot of times in school we discuss that a particular student exhibits leadership qualities or that student has artistic qualities. What does this mean – by this we want to say that the student either excels in that field or has an inclination towards a particular subject or field. When an educator is keen in understanding his student's potentials, his capacities guide him to the best of his knowledge and experience and develop a relationship with each student in a class – a relation of love and understanding.

In our day to day life we often give a gift to someone, use golden words like please, sorry thank you etc, we appreciate others, help them in times of need, and sometimes forgive them too –this is all that love is. Love is a complex phenomenon or attribute which comes out from all values we studied in various sessions of the Joy of Learning. 

It can be defined as Emotions+Behaviour+belief associated with affection, protectiveness, warmth and respect for someone. Some may define extreme feelings of need, attachment and affection. Some others may define sudden dramatic feelings of attraction and respect. It can also be defined as acceptance for others as they are, and other definitions are helping, respecting, and caring for others.
All of us may define love differently but love is the thread that binds together all the values in a garland for an individual. 
Ajay Vijayvargi
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