Hope and Friendship - Sharmila Vijayvargi

Hope means holding onto things for a good outcome and remaining positive in any situation. One
should always be hopeful for a better time to come because it is the driving force behind everything. Every person at every level displays hope. Students when in school and class are hopeful for small things like getting an opportunity to become a monitor, being able to play outside and regular appreciation. It is this hope which always motivates them to keep working harder and harder. While one should always be hopeful, one should not forget to keep trying and making efforts towards achieving goals.

The virtue of hope is also displayed in friendship. Friendship is a beautiful bond between individuals and friends always there for each other in times of need. While the family plays an important role in an individual's growth, so do friends. Good friendships are always a treat and so it is equally important that in early childhood years, children explain the true meaning of friendship and particularly, distinctions between good and bad friendships because children are too naive to be misguided and fall into bad places. 

For everyone alike, it's always better to decide on friends because spending time with bad people can lead to mental set back. While dealing with students, teachers should also step into the shoes of a friend and understand a child's needs and hopes and thus, help grow holistically. More the comfort zone between teacher and students better will be the learning outcomes and hopes at both ends will be met. 

Sharmila Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School
svi4 fab@gmail.com

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