Responsibility and Cooperation - Jitendra Suthar

When we say a person is responsible and very cooperative, it means that a person has the quality of
being kind to others. With the aim of helping everyone and not making others feel any kind of pressure is said to be a responsible person.

We all have two such unsung heroes in our life, who are responsible and kind at the most. First is the person who works hard to fulfil our dreams keeping all his dreams aside. That’s our father. Another one is the person who works hard to make us ready for the future, ready to fight any situation we are in, who always stands by us, who can never be biased. Yes, that’s our teacher.

Our both these heroes take our responsibility to shape us for the upcoming challenges. No matter what situations they are, they will always be cooperative to us. Even if situations are not in their control, they won’t let us feel so, wearing a smile starts working in a normal mood. 
A father, who always stays with the thought of how he can give more to his child or his family, never stops working with all the responsibility. A teacher goes through a lot of pressure but never ever let these things affect teaching in the classroom and he is the most polite person we ever meet in our education time. 

It is said “After your parents, it is your teacher who always thinks good for you” – Truly being in such a professional will be a proud moment for everyone.

Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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