Humility and Appreciation - Jitendra Suthar

To make one person give more efforts there is some kind of encouragement required and that
encouragement comes only when work done by the person is appreciated. Appreciation is praising a person or to the work done by a person.

What is the difference between a leader and a boss? In any company, there are team leaders who lead their team in specific tasks. Later on, work done by that team gets appreciated if they give effective work back to the company. There might be more than 1 Team in an MNC, but the best one gets appreciated. This happens because of the leadership skill of that team leader. The person who is very polite with his team and work always leads better. Humility is politeness with anyone standing in front of us. 

A teacher has both these qualities very well. They are always polite to everyone and ready to appreciate the good work. To implement these values in a school, students should be given a task to collect pictures where they find these values in day to day life and the school can award the one who finds the most. This practice will help students and develop these values in them. 

“Good work always gets appreciated by polite people” – these values are completely interlinked. A person who always wants their opinion to be on top and never listen to the opinions of others can never develop such values.   

Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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