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Episode #30: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Michael Paolucci founder and CEO of Slooh.Com, he travels around the world to present Slooh to thousands of students are very excited to catch a glimpse of space. Their desire to see for themselves something of these distant worlds captured for me the essence of space exploration, the power it has to inspire limitless dreams of the future, particularly among those with otherwise limited horizons. Mike says they fuel my passion to make space accessible to everyone. On a daily basis, that means working to lower costs, increase automation, translate into foreign languages, and make it easier for students of all ages to learn how to think about what they are seeing through the live telescope feeds. Education is about freedom, for Slooh sky really is the limit...across galaxies, into the world of Star Trek, listen to how Mike is making a world of difference, just for the twinkle in the eyes of the children across the globe.

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What is Slooh? 
  • Tools to explore space. 17 online telescopes on three continents covering 20+ hours per day. 
  • Communal exploration of the universe. Learn from what other members do with the telescopes. 
  • Gamified, guided learning. Supported by the National Science Foundation, go on exploration Quests to earn badges and Gravity Points. 

Since Slooh launched in 2003, with four telescopes at the world-class astronomical site at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, Slooh members have followed a number of astronomical pursuits:

  1. Tracking Near-Earth Asteroids, making astrometric measurements of their positions to submit to the Minor Planet Center (to determine accurate orbits).
  2. Monitoring the morphology of comets including participation in the largest collaborations projects between professional and amateur astronomers. 
  3. Supernovae, novae, comet and asteroid discovery programs. Art astronomy where members collect the raw astronomical FITS data and process their own colour images.

Slooh expanded its telescope network...

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