Unity and Caring - Monika Vaishnav

Unity is togetherness or the feeling of oneness.  When we help, listen, support and cooperate with each other, we can easily achieve our goals.  Unity is where, when we have different opinions about different things but still, we understand the differences and respect and appreciate it and stand by each other. 

Unity gives us the strength to do any task, it doesn't matter how difficult it is. When we get something by doing it alone, that will make us happy but when we achieve something in a group or team, that makes us happier. Our happiness and joy of success will be increased as we can see the same smile on everyone's face in a team and even if we fail to get something we worked for, unity decreases our sadness and develops hope among us.  A person can work hard and gain his personal goals but when we want something for the whole community or country, we need to be united and deal with the things unitedly. 

Unity helps a person to think more as we instead of I. It helps us to become more polite in life and let
down our egos. It is easy to make decisions when we are united. We need unity everywhere whether it is about a family, school, class, hospital, country etc.  Unity leads to cooperation, understanding and coordination and without it, we can't work together. We must have a strong connection and trust to be untied. It belongs to equality which makes us stronger and gives equal opportunity to all. 

Caring is one of the purest forms of expressing love and respect.  Whom we love or respect, we care for that person without expecting anything in return.  It is the willingness to do something happily for someone not by force. If we care for anyone whether at home or workplace, we will also be looked after by them but we can't ask anyone to care for us as it is an internal feeling that makes a person help or do something for someone. Caring makes us more humble and kind towards anyone. It gives energy to any relationship and makes it stronger.  A caring person is more responsible and satisfied in life.

Children learn how to care for others from their surroundings, so we should take care of them when they are with us and make them understand how important it is to take care of our dear ones and our surroundings because that is necessary to create a healthy and happy environment for us.  Looking at this modern era, we must make our children understand how much they are looked after by their parents  and they should take care of them when they really need it. We all can't ignore nature, we must care for the animals and the environment around us for a better world. We can say caring is another word for humanity. 

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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