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Today’s world is highly dynamic. We are in the era of rapid changes in learning, communication and
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lifestyle. We today are in the digital world today. COVID 19 has forced all to stay at home but this brought everyone to be digital. Those who were left alone and were in remorse also got the love and care when they started staying together.

Quality learning enables students to have control over their own learning. Collaboration and cooperation are the two important attributes of quality learning.  Quality learning promotes innovation and flexibility. We learn best when we interact with each other. Educators to bring quality in teaching should engage their students in activities which are important for them. This will give better learning outcomes.

Educators should possess both quality and love. To be an effective teacher we need to be loving and caring. If our students feel that their teachers love and care for them, this can be a strong motivation for learning. Love brings patience and understanding which is a strong aspect for teaching and learning.  If you love and care for your students then they will trust you. This trust will help them to come out of their shyness and will be able to question. This will help them to explore ad give space to pursue their own interests.

We Educators need to be such examples where such a relationship is created that we take place in their family or friends and help them to explore themselves. Teachers always need to wear a smile for it enriches those who receive it and creates a happy and positive environment.
Oliver Wendell Holmes has rightly said, “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness”.

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School

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