Samudra Manthan in the month of Shravan - Rajeshree Shihag

Fourteen divine items and amrita, the drink of immortality emerged out of the ocean. Halahala; a deadly poison came out as a by-product and Lord Shiva gained the name of Neelkantha. This story resonates very well with our education system and with our prized educators. An education system which had been yearning for a step up went on a massive churn in the last three months; the churn is still on. Teachers transformed overnight into 21st Century Educators and voyage continues.
Teachers even at the remotest of the locations transformed into tech-savvy Educators. Domestic help disappeared, dusting, mobbing, sweeping became a daily affair, dining out disappeared, elaborate meals, multi-cuisine everything was served at home by the same teacher who learnt the skills of teaching from home. Data ran out of the count, health issues seeped in by countless hours of screen time. The family took them for granted as they had no salaries to contribute. No one has been able to figure out the turmoil the teacher has been going through. 
The Halahala poison, which was consumed by Shiva symbolizes suffering and the pain he went through to save the universe. The teachers played a heroic role in this educational transformation with the intent to upscale the learning opportunities provided through Online Classes. The qualities of Lord Shiva reverberate with the qualities of a teacher; their courage to embrace change, compassion for school kids withstanding the chaos at home, willingness to learn and plunge into initiatives ensuring that none are left behind. 

Rajeshree Shihag 
The Fabindia School

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