Laughter is the Best Medicine - Kavita Devda

Laughter is the best medicine for a person to be happy. A good laugh has great short-term effects. This medicine is not available at any pharmacy, is free of cost and comes with no instruction manual. In today's stressful life people have just forgotten to live in the present and enjoy the little moments.

Laughter brings positive energy and rejuvenates the relationship. Laughter is the biggest stress buster. When you have a good hearty laugh, the muscles move and expand the blood vessels, which send more blood to all parts of the body. When one smiles, the movement of the facial muscles sends signals to the brain.

A good dose of laughter regulates the blood sugar.  It is considered the best way to relax oneself as it reduces the level of stress hormones. Laughter allows all our senses to combine naturally and effortlessly to give a sense of peace and joy. It also reduces the negative thoughts that weaken the immune system of the body. A happy person has a higher ability to fight diseases since he is in the right frame of mind and hence takes his medicines on time. The immune system goes into a stress-free zone.

Laughter is an excellent exercise for the facial muscles. About 15 facial muscles come together to bring that glee to your face. Laughing increases the blood supply to your cheeks that nourish the skin and makes your face glow. It tones up the face, giving you an attractive look. So always keep laughing,  smiling and stay healthy. 

Kavitha Devda 
The Fabindia School

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