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Life as a teacher begins when we realize that we are learners. Learning is a lifelong process
which continues until the end. The period of COVID -19 has given ample opportunities to the Educators to enrich themselves in many ways through webinars, workshops, personal development programs and training. This experiential learning has brought a great change in them and also helped them to bring in a transition in their kids too. 
Transition in Kids from ‘I can’t do it!’ to be proactive that ‘I can do !’ is necessary. For this it is necessary for students to think why they are stuck and what should they do to get out of this? For this, they need to learn to think about their own thinking. This can only be possible with the proper guidance from elders. Teaching reading to students will help to make thinking visible. 

How can students’ thinking be made visible? This can be made visible by reflecting on our thoughts. Reflecting and thinking are a powerful tool which helps a student to overcome obstacles, be more resilient and successful. Educators should organize activities and give a text to them to read. After reading the text the student needs to relate it with any instance similar to it. 

Then he needs to think and answer the questions so the best ways to think is by reading, listening, questioning and documenting. This helps a student to make his thinking visible and understand his learning. Some examples of to think visible are field trips, learning through theatre,   engaging activities, exploring etc. 

Courtesy:  Re-Orienting English Curriculum by U Catapult

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School

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