Happiness comes from within - Sharmila Vijayvargi

We every day come across many quotes on happiness. But, we actually don't know what happiness is.
It is different for everyone. Today, staying home is making me happy but it is so possible that tomorrow going out and enjoying it might make me happy. At times, we keep running behind things thinking that having it will make me happy but when we achieve it, our level of happiness changes! Hence, it is very important to decide what we want in life. Material things will get us happiness for a limited time and so it is the inner satisfaction that will make us happy. It is important to realize what we want and once we know that, happiness would follow. 

Let us understand this through an example: Having a big house, a fancy car is something we all aim for! But tomorrow if we don't have time to enjoy any of it or have a family to live with, these objects will just be there as our asset in the financial books but in reality, we will be all alone. So, that's where we know that it is family which makes us happy and the satisfaction derived from it, will make us more confident and happier, even if we don't own a big house or car!! 

Being happy makes one more efficient as we synergies all our efforts towards delivering the best. It is a virtue. Happy people also make their surroundings relaxed and work as a catalyst in reducing stress. Thus, avoiding the unnecessary hustle and rat race and trying to be content knowing what is important is a ladder to being happy and once this inner happiness is achieved, there's no stopping success! 

Stay happy always!

Sharmila Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School

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