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Venus Upadhayaya 

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Aug 2 • 2020
Episode #36: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Venus Upadhayaya, currently a reporter with the Epoch Times at New York. Venus reports on a wide range of issues. Her area of expertise is in Indian and South Asian geopolitics. She has reported from the very volatile India-Pakistan border and has contributed to mainstream print media in India for about a decade. Community media, sustainable development, and leadership remain her key areas of interest. She helped us give shape to Learning Forward India, she was one of the first few people who joined us for Brewing Knowledge, a little group for Coffee and Conversations in 2015. Together we built the Core-Values module for teachers and the heart tree for helping understand the role of the teacher in building the inner core of every child. She has travelled across the world, in her quest for knowledge and to build learning communities.
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