Thoughtfulness and Understanding - Ajay Vijayvargi

Being kind and compassionate - Thoughtfulness. If you care for someone, definitely will think about
that person and will act and react with that person in a purposeful and loving way, will forgive that person easily and wholeheartedly, help the person in a better way which will be more productive.     A thoughtful educator will always help his students to achieve better results by positive actions, he will pay more attention to his students need by being nice to them and guide them properly, will always give them the benefit of doubts wherever possible.

 He will always be considerate to them and will give space to them to think, decide and act and will always be ready to guide, suggest and rectify by suitable ideas and measures at the right time to always make them a better individual. A thoughtful person will never jump to conclusions will have a sympathetic approach to others and will always follow the steps: 

LISTEN CAREFULLY                 
USE THOUGHT PROCESS                       
ACT   and look back always.    

 Thoughtfulness will lead to a better understanding of individuals, you will think about them with compassion and sympathy. One should have a better understanding of oneself, one's emotions and of course the same for others. A teacher with understanding will have the ability to think, learn and judge after suitably analyzing the difficulties and problems of the students. He will allow his students to learn by experience,  respect his student's beliefs and feelings with a better understanding of his subjects will create a harmonious and great learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School   

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