Brewing Knowledge Book Club - 29th Aug 2021 Session

Reading from the book My Good School Where Passion Meets Education by Sandeep Dutt
Section I

The What, The Why And The How Of Teaching

- Performance Scores Must Be Honest 

- People Process And Outcomes

Mukta Sharma, [29-Aug-2021 at 6:15:10 PM]:

Good evening everyone, the book reading session on performance and people, process and outcome were really enriching.  Discussion on assessment in totality considering all the facets of it and, yes, highlighting the role of the teacher as a change agent was a treat. Thanks a lot, Mr Dutt fir putting up this show. 

Looking forward......

Amandeep Walia, [29-Aug-2021 at 6:17:42 PM]:

Wonderful session on performance and people and process.Thank you, sir, for allowing me to read.

Divya Agnihotri, [29-Aug-2021 at 6:53:15 PM]:

...forward. 😊😊

Kalyani Chaudhuri, [29-Aug-2021 at 7:49:36 PM]:

The key people in the process of education have shared their learning today about performance and its outcomes. Technology bridged the distance. Curious educators create curious classrooms, and the boldness to challenge the status quo for assessments is paving a new way for the Indian Education system. Let us keep learning with LFIN. Thanks, Mr Dutt and the Brewing Knowledge Team, for this purposeful evening.

Monisha Datta, [29-Aug-2021 at 8:10:53 PM]:

Why are we encouraging students to score high over actual understanding? Shouldn't all children have the right to know instead of just score? 

Shouldn't knowledge be permanent and not just class, syllabus and curriculum-based? 

What do we as Educators do to ensure that our students' performance is a barometer of actual learning, not just factual knowledge? 

As we progressed through today's book reading session, I felt a sense of satisfaction as I heard Educators reflect on what they were doing at their schools. They questioned their methods and wished to brainstorm and develop better ways to make students perform better, not just by achieving high marks but also by achieving actual and effective knowledge. 

Listening to everyone's thoughts and seeing them reach out to one another for suggestions was such an amazing expression of collaboration. 

It made me feel that reading together in communities is the best and the correct way to grow.

Each one had a value add a suggestion, and the conversation moved from student performance to understanding the importance of people in the process to achieve performance.

Nothing can be achieved if we as Educators do not hold a lamp out for each other and a better lamp than a book that speaks directly to the teachers. 

Thank you, Brewing knowledge club, for this book reading session encouraging lateral thinking among Educators.

Nibbrati Rathore, [29-Aug-2021 at 8:18:18 PM]:

My reflection 

The line that struck me was - What is beyond 100% marks? 

It is not uncommon to see many class toppers not become highly successful while many backbenchers get fly-high jobs. Why does this happen?

A few years ago, I went to a reunion party of my college class. Along with making fun of our growing love handles, I noticed something interesting. Many of my classmates who were academically brilliant in college were not doing much with their lives. Conversely, many of my friends who were backbenchers seemed to be quite successful with high flying corporate careers or running their own businesses.

Spare a thought and think about it; I am sure many of us would be having similar observations. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that students should get high marks in school to get into a good college, then get high marks in college to get offered a good job, leading to a successful career.

However, considering there is no correlation between a students’ academic achievement and their success in life, it seems this model is fatally flawed.

Research suggests that students need to develop strong communication skills, solid problem-solving skills, work well with others, a proactive attitude and a professional work ethic if they hope to do well in any work environment.

I believe skills are beyond 100% marks. 

Thence I would like to mention our new program - The Internship Program for students(mainly) which focuses on identifying and refining the skills in students. 

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