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Happiness is liked by every person, and it is also the right of every person to be happy. Making others happy is the greatest thing in the world. To see someone smile, inspire someone or make their day is really something to live for.  If you try to keep others happy and yourself, then positive emotions will remain around you and the happiness doubles.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, to know that you have made someone else's life a little easier.  It helps to defeat your own bad days, depression and sadness.  We can give happiness to our family members, friends and people around us even with small efforts.  As a teacher, I keep making similar efforts in general.  I definitely give chocolates, toffees to the children for their excellent work.  I pat the children of my class on the back, listen to them, praise them, help them on many subjects, support them emotionally, and always try to make them happy with new ideas.  .  Believe me, happiness infuses inspiration in children, and their joy fills us with energy and fun.

I would like to tell you about my attempt to give happiness to others through an example from my life. Some time ago, a labourer family came and settled near my house.  The family consisted of a husband, wife and their three daughters.  The age of the daughters was between 7 and 11.  The father of the children used to go to work, and his mother used to clean the surrounding houses.  The three girls used to spend their entire day playing around the hut made of tarpaulin.  I came to know from their mother that due to the Corona epidemic, those children have missed school, and the education, has completely stopped. Parents being illiterate were unable to help them in teaching, and online education was out of their control due to financial weakness.  Then I decided to help them.  I arranged clothes and books for them and took care of their studies till the school opened.  I did many creative activities with my children, gave them free tuition in all subjects, which is still going on.  Now his parents are very optimistic about his future.  My small initiative brought a smile to his face. Today everyone in the whole locality helps him in one way or another, and I feel immense joy seeing the happiness of that family.

People are happy when their expectations are fulfilled; we can make others happy by fulfilling their expectations.  Sometimes happiness is found in even the most minor things; your one effort fills someone's life with joy.  Happiness and joy are what others need.  If our surroundings are pleasant, then it is also very beneficial for our mental health. By giving happiness to others, we also fill ourselves with happiness in a way, our kindness can become such a virtuous circle that lasting happiness and benevolence promote unity.

American researcher Mila Titova says that giving happiness to others makes you happier than giving yourself.  Making others happy is more meaningful to people than just socializing with them or doing something to improve their happiness.  When we aim to please others, we feel connected to them, our individual needs are better met by those that are important to us.  She suggests that if you are not having the best day, then instead of focusing on yourself, think about doing something nice for your significant other or your peers.  It is effective for giving happiness and also for one's own happiness.

Pinkee Chauhan
The Fabindia School

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