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Quality refers to “The the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service and its ability to satisfy the needs”. In today’s competitive world, everyone is thriving hard to give the best qualitative result to make survival possible. In the field of education, when we talk of the word quality, it basically refers to the additional input poured by the teaching staff to give the best qualitative result either relates to teaching or any other problems arising. Any lackadaisical approach will definitely bring down the desired result.

1.  A student who does a shoddy job with classwork and homework

As the student is bright and intelligent, bearing the ability to grasp things quickly and have an upright approach towards studies, the case should not worry. Some students do bear this tendency of completing their assigned work in a haste manner to be identified amongst front runners.  Attention needs to be paid to such students because shining is needed for a diamond to sparkle. However, if a student is average or below that level, then special attention is required. Maybe the student is in some sort of mental agony, and as a result, he delivers such results.

For such situations quality and love skills need to be catered to the students. A teacher should be smart enough to arrive at the reasons for the student forwarding such weird presentation skills. The approach should be a positive one, and the teacher should try to assimilate the student so that he changes his perception of his skills. The teacher should take stock of all going inside the student's mind and sort them out with her skills.  If the situation demands, then a verbal talk with the parents/ guardian may also be carried out.

2.  Two underage students in a romantic relationship

With increasing innovation and technology, social media platform has engulfed our society, and no one is untouched. Two underage students in a romantic relationship are basically due to excessive use of social media platforms which is unavoidable as the Corona pandemic has given birth to online teaching, thereby exhausting the offline teaching mode. Short bytes of romantic videos as advertisers do appear on these platforms. Also, the students have free hand access to any of the social sites. No quality time is being provided by working parents. Since these are tiny minds, they are vulnerable to such videos and start living a fantasy life. But need to understand why such a situation arises that a student at such a ripe age tries to find love outside. The reason behind it may be that he feels devoid of love in his home surroundings, especially with the working parents.

An experienced teacher facing such a situation, rather than manipulating things and trying to run away, will definitely try to sort out things before it worsens. The teacher should make the students understand the difference between good and bad, real and fantasy, especially if we are dealing with adolescents. The teacher should try to nurture the minds of such students with positive thinking and make them understand their prime responsibility. The teacher should also make the parents/guardians understand their prime responsibility towards their children to understand the purity of love they can receive from their parents in abundance.

For being a lovable person, you need to be clear with your thoughts, ideas and have a caring attitude. A person possessing all these characteristics ought to be loved by everyone and remembered forever.


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