Quality and Love - Nandini Arora

Quality is a characteristic or feature that someone or something has. Quality means no compromising. It can also be defined as hard work, sincerity, diligence, discipline and most importantly, the can-do attitude. Quality is something that we maintain to secure our future. Quality is not what we serve; it is the result. It is the result of continuous efforts. It is our responsibility to maintain the qualities and to get better day by day. Someone said it right-Quality is when the customer returns and the product doesn’t.

Quality means doing the right things, even when no one is watching us. If the quality of our thoughts is good, we always remain happy. The life that we live depends on the quality of our contribution towards our life and work. Our quality reflects us; it shows what we are. Living a quality of life matters though, many of us chase quantity instead of quality. A positive attitude helps us to maintain quality. Quality is an ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by anticipating and fulfilling stated and implied needs.

Love means showing affection, compassion and concern towards others. It means showing care for others, respecting and forgiving others and being kind to others. Love is the foundation of all relationships and values.  Love means giving, not expecting; we always gain when we love.

Love is unspoken; it is always shown and felt. Loving someone and being loved is a great feeling. True love is when you love someone and do not expect the same in return. But there is a difference between love and like; when we like someone, we want them, and when we love someone, we set them free.

Loving people live the happiest lives. They are kind and patient. They do not envy and boast. They are never rude or selfish. They let go the past mistakes and are always ready to accept them.

Beautiful lines by Mother Teresa-“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Thus, Quality and Love are the great virtues we all should have to live our lives happily. Love is the language of life. So, stop being judgemental and have the Quality of Being loving because True love never hurt others, even lift others.

- Nandini Arora, The Doon Girls School 

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