Here's How Can We Teach Kids Compassion - Pinkee Chouhan

We all want our children to be kind and have compassion in their minds.  But the biggest question here is how to teach compassion, kindness to the child.  Children develop different levels of empathy at different ages.  Compassion and kindness require the development of heart for human behaviour.  We should keep talking to the children on this subject continuously. 

The thing about children is that if they see kindness and compassion in our behaviour, they will behave the same way.  We will have to make many efforts for the development of sympathy.  Take the help of children to take care of any sick animal or bird.  Teach them to show empathy.  Encourage children to help someone in need.  Explain to the child why we should be sympathetic towards others.  If any classmate of the child is sick or injured, some person is poor or needy, some person is old or disabled, some animal is ill or hungry, then encourage the child to help, which will develop empathy and compassion.  And feelings of kindness will be infused in him.

The best way for kids to learn compassion is through watching models of this behaviour. Their teachers, parents, and other adults need to behave this way for children to see it as valuable and find approval in copying it. Finding compassion in moments of adversity is a skill that all adults should be working on mastering. The future generation depends on it.

Pinkee Chauhan
The FabIndia School

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