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Happiness is the feeling of joy. This feeling increases when we show kindness and make others happy. When we achieve something, we become so glad because we have achieved our effort. We should always love others and spread happiness. If we love others, they will also love us.

Making others happy give us happiness.  These days there are so many different things that can make a person happy. People should focus on others happiness for a change instead of focusing on their own happiness. This will make the world a happier place. Birthday is the time to celebrate with friends and family. Also, it is the best time to serve the community. 

Birthdays are unique to children, but not everyone can celebrate by participating in parties or gifts. My cousin wished to celebrate her birthday with the orphans. She visited the orphanage with her family, brought gifts and cut the cake with the children. The happiness seen on the children's faces really gave my sister immense pleasure in making her day.

Mother's job is selfless. She takes care of her family and loves them selflessly. She does everything to make them happy. Her happiness lies in her family. Community Service also gives us immense pleasure. Being a social volunteer is a blessed opportunity in itself. 

I remember another incident of my student Laxman who decided to celebrate his birthday with the old age people. He visited the old age people and celebrated his birthday with them and made his day memorable. I would like to end by quoting the words of Mother Teresa, "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier.

Bharti Rao 
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