My Good School Dil Se - Show Opens 2nd October 2021

Beginning the 2nd of October 2021, we share the joy of learning and how schools prepare children for the world. 

We share stories from the heart and explain how schools can achieve significantly better teaching standards, foster a sense of community, and help students reach their fullest potential.

'Dil Se' means from the heart! 

The seven-part series shares how elite schools connect, communicate, collaborate and create an environment where the joy of learning comes to life. 

In the first episode, we share the story of The Fabindia School, find out how the school has successfully built a great relationship with all the stakeholders - Students, Parents, Teachers and Management - to win hearts and create a school that prepares children to face the world. 

You will find answers to questions like:

How is the human element highlighted in the school? 

Factors that make a school from good to great? 

What goes into making a good school? 

How are values taught in school? 

How do stakeholders work to make it a good school? 

What is the vision of the promoters?

"Warm greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now going to begin what we can call our history in the making of excellent schools from the country. My Good School Dil Se is a show to bring the best practices of the best schools for whom, for those who are interested in schooling, for those who want to educate children, for those who want to create social capital for the country, for those who want to produce human capital and for those who want to excel in cognitive and character building. And that is what the show is about. I'm Ashok Pandey, Director of Ahlcon Group of Schools in Delhi, and I am privileged to be the host of the show." - Ashok Pandey

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You will love the stories shared by our happy teachers and passionate educators. We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources. Each person in your school contributes to the culture of your school. School culture is built on the actions and interactions of the people. You make your school stronger by adding value to others and making others feel valued.

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