Quality and Love - Prachi Jain

Quality and Love

A journey from the beginning till the end of a session

First day in the classroom- 

Everything seems to be new!

Some of the students know each other, some are entirely unknown.

Some of them are familiar with the teachers, some of them would see them for the first time.

Some of them are excited, and some feel nervous and a little scared. There is a lot to think about and prepare!

But one thing is common for all, it is the need for LOVE which everyone is expecting and looking for.

So, we began…...taking LOVE as our companion and QUALITY as our goal….


  • We introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

  • We miss our families, but we start making a new bond.

  • We spend time with each other, listen, talk, and try to get connected.

  • We accept we share and show respect for each other’s culture.

  • We understand now, more than ever before - our non-verbalized feelings by reflecting our behaviour, our emotional well-being, our strong sense of trust.

  • We care now, and so we feel more secure and strengthened.

Our love tanks are filled now, and we are ready to touch the line of QUALITY. 

This is how we make this journey beautiful with LOVE! 

And we understand that-

Love keeps our natural curiosity alive and allows space to pursue our own interests. It makes us see ourselves in each other.

It proves that basic skills can be learnt or taught without LOVE, but to truly make a difference in one’s life or bring out QUALITY in someone’s life, there needs to be LOVE.

And finally-

  • we feel proud.

  • We feel a wave of improvement flowing within us.

  • We feel ourselves to be better than we were earlier.

  • And we say that -

This is nothing but QUALITY!!

A sweet memory with the end of this journey would help us to look forward to a new one-

I taught English to the boys of Class-2 and revised the topic- Countable and Uncountable nouns. It was full of fun as the children were running here and there to touch countable things in the classroom. But one of the boys sitting and watching his classmates came to me after a few minutes. He touched my heart when he said –

Ma’am, there is something in this classroom which we cannot see or touch or count, we can only feel it, and it is the LOVE that we have for each other “.


                  - Prachi Jain, The Doon Girls School, Dehradun.

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