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Episode #96: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Audra Gold, the CEO and co-founder of Vurbl, one of the largest non-music databases of streaming audio in the US with thousands of audio creators publishing content for millions of listeners that are consuming millions of minutes of audio from a library of over 30 million titles across 100's of content categories. Audra fell in love with the Internet in college in the 1990s, during the first years of the Commercial Internet. She started developing start-up ideas and launching them with fellow students, and she has not stopped since. Audra has helped build, launch and grow digital-first businesses from the first dot-com boom through many economic ups and downs after that, learning just about every lesson you can imagine in the many start-ups she has been a part of. She has been awarded a Primetime Emmy Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for her work at Fourthwall Studios, which the Nantworks group of companies later acquired. She has also helped author and develop several digital media and ad-tech related patents throughout the last 20 years.
Audra shares what learning means to her in today's Episode, her passion for education, and the importance of audio learning. As a child, she was an inquisitive person; she spent a lot of time in the library, the internet for learning in that era! She comes from a family of educators; what drove her to audio and the idea of Vurbl was born through her personal consumption of audiobooks, as this was her first passion, you listen and learn, perhaps the easiest way to enrich your brain. The successful womenprenuer shares three ingredients for a successful career recipe: passion, knowledge acquisition, and hard work ethics in life. Her favourite teacher story and how she learnt from watching her teachers - patience, discipline and enthusiasm - have helped her become a good mentor for people in life. She has spent a lot of time teaching, her teacher was her cross country coach, and he taught her the benefits of juicing, which helped him batter cancer. This was real-life learning about nutrition and holistic health. A maths teacher changed her diet perspective! Her favourite quote is, "Be suspicious of what you want; this keeps her motivated as it helps her delve deeper and find out what is the motive, what is driving you to do x,y and Z? Competitive sports shaped her approach to life, team building for business was indeed learnt from the soccer team.
"Building a business is one of the hardest, most difficult things you'll ever do. You better make sure you are building something meaningful to you and brings you joy at the end of the day. If I did not love the audio medium and believe in our ability to truly revolutionize the audio space for creators, listeners and brands, I would never have survived the last 6 months." Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Audra Everett Gold Vurbl is an audio streaming destination for all audio creators and anyone who loves listening to audio. They support audio creators through our station model and help listeners connect with meaningful content to listen to. Useful links:
Audra Gold Audio Bio. 
Listen to her answer our 10 questions about audio. 
Learning Forward Station on Vurbl.Com
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