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Love and Quality are two great values or feelings that a child must have. Children understand the language of love better than any adult. When a child feels secure and loves, he performs much better in class and grows up to be a lovely human being. All living things need love and care. I had a child in class 3 who would score fewer marks in English, I would often hear teachers getting upset with her. I decided to help her out in her free time. I was patient and loving towards her. I was surprised to know that she had done much better in English papers that year. When a child is scared of their teacher or parent, they get uncomfortable to ask questions and do not perform their best. On the other hand, when an adult is loving, kids feel more comfortable communicating with them. Love is something every individual craves for.

Quality in the class depends on the potential of each child. Every kid has its own capabilities, and the last thing we adults should do is compare the kids to each other. In my class, I ask the kids to help each other in their studies. This makes their bond and friendship stronger.

With age, I have realised the importance of quality over quantity. Like I tell the kids, when you do something, give it your hundred per cent or don’t do it. Sometimes when I enter class, the kids are not in the mood to study and o respect that, and we have a fun class or watch some interesting videos on the screen.

We as teachers teach the kids various things, but the kids are the best teachers for us as well.

If a child does a shoddy job with her classwork, I will sit with that kid alone and try and understand the reason for it, maybe I did not teach the topic well, and she found it difficult to do her homework, and I will sit with the kid and teach her the topic one on one where she can freely tell me what her doubts are.

In a situation where boys and girls are together, there is bound to be a romantic relationship, which is normal. We need to normalise such situations. I would talk to the student and tell them it’s absolutely fine, but certain limits should not be crossed; otherwise, that could lead to many problems for the kid. 

- Reah Sikand, The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

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