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A school is a place where multiple emotions and behaviours are reflected and experienced by the educators and the students.  Every situation in a classroom and school leads to an expression of affection or rejection. These words are simple and make a great meaning when educators reflect on them. This time the focus of the article is on the key responsibilities that the Educators have. The first role of the educators is to see the children through different lenses and recognise their unique traits and accept them with their individual characteristics and abilities. This in itself will change the picture of the classroom and the situations that take place in the class.

The next responsibility as an Educator is to accept all the children with love. The love that the Educators show to the students develops trust between them and the students. It is because of this trust that students share various problems, issues and concerns with the educators because they know that they will be accepted with everything. These two responsibilities can bring in a great change in the development of the child. However, if the above responsibilities of we the educators are not recognised then we tend to take our children on the path of rejection. For example, if the whole class is expected to follow the things just like the best student in the class and not as individuals, it will create great dissatisfaction amongst the pupils. With this dissatisfaction, some children will automatically be left behind as through this mass approaches the individuality of a child is not accepted by the Educator.

It’s time that we all start reflecting on the day to day activities and the situation’s in the classroom and connect with our children in a way that they feel acknowledged, appreciated and accepted the way they are and develop a growth trajectory that makes our children a champion with the core values of acceptance and love.

“We can live without religion and meditation but we cannot survive without affection”

- Helpful Icons, The Iconic School Bhopal

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