Prerna Rathod: TECHNOLOGY

As every coin has two sides, technology also has its pros and cons. The following points are my view which I thought were cons of technology, but they can be turned into pros.
1. Creative Skills are not developed by Students:
If students get access to technology, then they may copy direct information using technology which will not develop their thinking skills. But if handled efficiently by the teacher, it may not stop the development of their creative and thinking skills. The teacher may ask them to read information and then write on it without seeing the information on what they have understood.
2.  Misguided:
Many times some information may not be correct. Students should check the information at two or three sites and also with the teacher. This can prevent them from getting the wrong information.
3. Health Issues:
Many health issues can arise with the use of technology. But if students are made to understand how they should use technology so their health is not affected. Also, teachers and parents must control the use of technology by students.
4. Dependent on Technology: 
Students should be allowed to get information using technology, but then there should be a discussion with the class and each one must keep his/her point of views and then do the write-ups.

Thus, the cons of technology can be changed into the pros.
Prerna Rathod

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