Kavita Devda: What is Writing ?

Writing is an essential element that provides the opportunity to share the knowledge in a meaningful and effective way. It enables to learn how to compose ideas, organize thoughts and support key points and share information.

The Importance of Writing
Words are everything. Words give the world and life and everything in it meaning. And because people must effectively and efficiently convey meaningful information to each other, strong communication is what keeps most of the world moving in the same general direction.

Written communication is just a form of communication. In examining the reasons that this communication is important, one may look more deeply and understand through effective writing whether in emails, letters, social media posts, newsletter, etc.

The Importance of writing by the  students.
When we think about the skills most important to develop in young children, a love of reading and writing. A child with a book or pencil in her hands is a child with a bright future.

Reading and writing may be looked at as fundamental skills within the classroom, but their use remains essential long after ones formal education comes to an end. Living in the digital age has made writing more important, as communicating professionally is an important skill in most workplaces. At a time when professionals spend one third of their time reading and writing emails, written communication is more important than ever before for success in academics and beyond.

How Writing can help children and adults too?    
a.  Enhance  problem solving and critical thinking.  
b.  Develop integration of process, content, and skills. .
c. Develop the skill of inquiry such as collecting and evaluating information, comparing and contrasting, imagining situations etc.
d. Develop the  ability to make decisions.
e.  Develop a healthy and confident imagination.

Kavita Devda

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