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As we step into a new decade we need to pause and think what Schools need to do for the Students and Educators. Having been in touch with Students and Educators for over 50 years, in India and abroad, I feel it is time to change our approach to learning.

With the knowledge available on the Internet and educational portals, Schools need to change. Schools must pay attention to the growing up of children and help in building their character. Students need to be guided to have the right values and hone their talents in Music, Art, Science and Sports.

Unfortunately most Schools today are more concerned about their Rankings and results. It's no longer about the Students it's about the Management and the Principal. Extra classes and tuitions are the banes of education today. We are depriving children of their childhood. Students seem to be the last things on the mind of most Managements. No one seems to be concerned about the average and weak students.

Instead of grooming students into becoming versatile, kind humans Schools make them bookish and discourage them from taking part in what the love doing whether it be Music Art or Sports. It disheartens me to see that some Schools encourage students not to read for pleasure, play or pursue activities which will bring them joy and solace later in life. We need children who can empathize, are compassionate, considerate, kind, tolerant and care for others.

If Schools do not give value for money and not live up to the expectations of the parents I feel in years to come there may be a major change. Home Schooling gradually becoming popular in America and Europe can become an alternative in India. Schooling at home not complete, but for certain numbers of years until the children have a sound value system and have developed their talents. The International School I was Head of in Bali, Indonesia would get homeschooled children in their early teens. These kids fitted in well and went on to excel. One of the reasons for home Schooling abroad is an expensive education.

I feel it's about time our Schools come back to what they stood for that is to help children nurture their talents and inculcate the right values. Children at the time of graduating from School should be confident, versatile and should be able to distinguish very clearly between what is right and what is wrong.

RP Devgan
Chairman Learning Forward India
With near five decades of experience as an Educationist and having served as a School Leader for schools in India and overseas, Mr Devgan brings in rich experience as an administrator, sports person and champion for teachers.

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