Writing: The Power of Thought - Urmila Rathore

Writing is an important virtue to put all the thoughts and ideas clearly. Through writing, we can communicate clearly because this helps us to build a structure that will allow to express ourselves better and communicate complex ideas in a simple way. This way we gradually progress towards effective writing. Mistakes of grammar, punctuation and structure spelling are all progressively eliminated. Since these basics are more essential for good writing so automatically it improves our language skill and vocabulary.

Effective writing also demands thinking and imagination skills which improve by practice. I remember a line of Bacon's writing "Writing makes a man capable of thinking with logic and reason". He also describes that our thinking, speaking and writing abilities add charm to our personality.

Nowadays people don't have much time to listen to someone's concern but writing gives us the freedom to share good or bad thoughts. It reduces our stress effectively and later we feel joy and satisfaction.

Writing can even make us feel nostalgic through carving out childhood poetry, essays or letters to our dear ones.

When asked of its importance, I exemplify it as, “What if Shakespeare wasn’t a good writer? Perhaps, we never would have been able to understand the tragedy that occurred with Caesar, or literature itself would not have enjoyed its virtue as it does today.”
Urmila Rathore

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