Bharti Rao : Playing Encourages Exploration & Sparks Curiosity

Playing is important for the children. Using play way method helps a child to learn many skills. Children love figuring out how things work and this they explore by playing. Their curiosity and willpower help them to learn and this mode of learning has no end. Playing doesn’t mean sports; of course sports do help one to be fit and healthy, team spirit, leadership qualities etc. The ability to play helps one to be curious which is important for continuous growth and development.

School is an important place where students learn and grow by play way method. Play way method in class helps one to learn a lot especially is used for primary students. Toddlers learn easily by using blocks, puzzles, art materials, toys etc. This helps them to be engaged and increases their thinking abilities. For instance, with blocks, children explore size, shape, number, and texture as well as weight, balance, and symmetry. It helps the children to be attentive in class. Play based enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. It can also set your child up for success by teaching them relevant skills.
Play based learning attracts attention and motivates a child to learn more. This arise the child’s curiosity and it starts analyzing the information that they get. This helps the children to think which leads them to be creative and develops their senses. The School through play based learning offers experiences according to the child’s current interests, stage of development, and temperament. As children grow, curiosity propels them to enjoy broader, more complex encounters.
By providing children with enriching experiences, the teachers give learning potential a helping hand. Our support promotes brain-power so learning pathways become refined and strengthened. Once the kids’ basics are clear they will never have problems when they become adults. The teacher encourages children’s learning and inquiry through interactions that aim to stretch their thinking to higher levels. Teachers and Parents can also use children’s motivation and interest to explore concepts and ideas. In this way, children acquire and practice important academic skills and learning in a playful context.
Bharti Rao

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