Speaking is an Art: Urmila Rathore

Speaking is an art, an art of listening, of carefully observing your environment, of thinking critically. It is one of the key traits through which a person is understood. Imagine being a teacher and not being able to put your thoughts clearly in front of the pupil. More or less, I believe, this becomes the reason for students to not be able to understand the context of their subjects.

Often, not speaking clearly enough happens when one is preoccupied. This again can be done away with, by speaking out your doubts, problems, issues to the right people at the right time. It is a cycle.

There used to be a time when speech was silver and silence gold. But now, in a world of constant negotiation, speaking up is as important as keeping silence. One who masters speaking - excels, whatever be the work. It is an important skill that should be honed for self-development.

Diplomacy is an integral part for a nation to have healthy ties with others and is achieved by appropriate dialogue, again a form of speech. A good speech can take you out of trouble, while a bad one can lend you into one.

It is as an important attribute for success, as is hard work, but unfortunately, personal attributes are often underrated. Here comes the use of such articles to emphasize how important traits like these are.

When I was a child, I often used to keep silence, expecting others to understand without explanation. It took me some time to figure out that it is very important to acknowledge people of my needs and deeds. Otherwise, we are often mistaken, judged and considered weak.

Since humans are social animals, they need speech to socialize. In all speech is a form of expression, the more effective it is, the more you lighten up your environment.
Urmila Rathore

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