Speaking as a skill: Kusum Sharma

Speaking is an important way of sharing our thoughts with others. It turns our ideas and reasoning into a discussion. A collaborative exchange of knowledge and ideas makes us speak fluently. It is an indication of the fluency of our thinking and listening. Our efforts help us to organize our own thoughts.

Speech has two components diction and fluency. Diction is the way and manner in which somebody pronounces a word. The word should be right, accurate and in context to the word used. Clarity of speech is important to get the message across. Fluency is the ability to speak or write a language easily and quickly. The spoken word adds music and movement as a powerful learning technique.

Some parts of our brain work together and lead to learning. To speak frankly and expressing themselves is the challenge that children face in school. It is difficult for teachers handling parents at the PTM and communicating with them. Proper communication is very important in every situation. Children learn better by listening to incidences and stories.

Communication is how we make our students understand as an educator. We must be very clear and accurate in our speech and teaching. We must listen more, talk less, listen to everyone’s opinion and share our opinions. In this way, we can become a good mentor and make the children understand in a better way.  
Kusum Sharma

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