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Affection is one of the most important factors which has an important role in one's life. Lack of affection and attention leads to rejection in life. Everyone at every phase in life needs attention and during childhood and adolescence, a child needs special care as this is the most critical phase of their life. Here comes the most important role of a teacher to be observant, so as to build a connection with every child in the classroom.

This will help them in analysing the students as every child is different. Out of the whole lot, some lack of attention due to some of the other reasons. It may be because they are not getting what they require at this stage of the life-like care, love, empathy, understanding and motivation. This might be due to some personal problems they might be facing back at home which they don't want to share. The teacher can do the hand holding by showing care and attention.

If a child will start feeling insecure they will show it in different forms like anger, fear, demotivation and eventually build a negative approach. This will have cared forward in the long run. They will feel rejected and once they carry the scar they stop accepting anything and finally rejects everything which comes in their life. The teacher can prevent them from going into that state of mind.
So right planning, sensitive mentoring and upbringing can help in strengthening the relationship between the child, parent and teacher. This will inculcate a feeling of acceptance towards life..

- Understanding Icons, The Iconic School Bhopal

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