Connecting The Dots

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Visited the office of CTD (Connecting The Dots) – – an education startup of Mr Rajesh Rao, an ex-Infy techy. He has built this company with a great vision and has been successful in providing structured academic education to class 6 ~ 10 through webcasting using his own unique teaching methodology for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English. 

He is able to connect with 15000 from 70 schools every day through 8 digital classrooms. These schools are a mix of govt. schools and budget private schools spread across Karnataka as well as Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. His vision is to reach out to 40000 students by next year taking the tally of schools to 250 or so. He is looking for funding as well as connects that could enable him to augment his reach. 

He has 25 teachers working as his employees, to whom he pays a decent salary, enabling them to relish the teaching profession akin to a software engineer. I viewed and listened to a recorded class of Physics and was very impressed with his methodology of teaching using real-time experiments and white-board teaching technique.

- Manoj Kabre <>

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