Importance of Writing in our life: Byju Joseph

We can express our own ideas and opinions in different ways. It is possible by expressions, by signals, by communication, by writing or by speaking. It is not necessary to select only a particular way to express them but perfection is important. Writing is one of the powerful modes of expressing ideas. Writing helps us to communicate better.  If we want to become a good writer we must be a good read which will help us to improve vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar.

We all have ideas but the way of presentation of them will lead to identifying the personality. It is not an easy job for everyone because a lot of mental exercises are needed for writing. It is the work of our brain to analyze and arrange our own ideas, imagination, feelings, knowledge and information to present before others. When we write anything most of the parts of the brain involve accomplishing it. This will help to improve memory which will lead our imagination into reality.  Writing helps to stimulate the brain especially the left hemisphere which is the dominant part that controls all the related activities. Both the hemispheres have lobes, out of which the frontal lobe mostly regulates writing and speaking in association with other lobes.

As the human brain develops at an age of early childhood it is very important to teach the children how to write everything properly. The first step in this regard is to write and learn alphabets and then to words. Gradually they attain the knowledge of forming sentences. Developing a writing skill will help them to gather and analyze their ideas in an effective manner. Children should get the freedom to write whatever they want to. More and more interest will develop and that will direct them to form creative ideas. Creativity will surely lead to better output in their academic areas. Handwriting is another aspect which improves by continuous practice. By seeing the handwriting we identify the nature and confidence level of children.

The overall writing is a skill which should be practised and improved by all.
Byju Joseph

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